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Rude - Disco Lyrics

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Rude – Disco Lyrics

I like your eggs in the morning, when you stay
I like your face when you’re yawning, trying to keep awake,
I like your car when we’re driving, through new mexico,
I like your moves when you’re dancing, in our own, living room disco.

I like your pool when we’re swimming, keeping warm,
I like your hair when it’s curly, running from the storm,
I like your moments when you’re so, so fed up, all you want to do is go,
I like the tunes that you’re spinning, in our own, living room disco.

I like the perfume you’ve been wearing, probs cause i purchased it
I like your eyes when they’re blinking, don’t go changing this,
I like it when you wear no makeup, you still look good you know?
I hope we party forever, in our own, living room disco.

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