Run With The Hunted - Silent Spring Lyrics

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Run With The Hunted – Silent Spring Lyrics

I watched the sun rise
I saw myself die
I left the questions behind
To drift away like grains of sand
Carried away in the hands of time
It all slips through your fingers anyways so
Let someone else make sense of it all
When I look back on who I was
I see a fool giving too much of myself
To someone who didn’t care
Shouldering the weight of someone else’s pain
Living in the shadow of a mountain without a name
Look to the sky, wondering why
I left the joy in life behind me
I had to lose you, to find me
I had to choose you, to lose me
I had to lose you, to be happy
I’ll think of you every time it starts to rain
Watch the heavy grey clouds return
Remind myself of every painful lesson learned
Your memory is a tomb I left my youth inside
And I believe my best days are behind me
The love I’ve lost will never find me

[Lyrics to Silent Spring by Run With The Hunted]

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