Sales - Vow Lyrics

Sales – Vow Lyrics

Looked at you too long at last
Fell upon in the lows of a laugh
And those times, you move on, you move on
That’s why you tried to quit thinking aloud

And a vow never to stay out
And it’s all looking a way out
And it’s all just a way out
And I will vow never to stay out

Pulled apart in two, three, four
Looked around for other doors
And those stars, you move one
I’ve been as far as he and I doubt

And it’s all just a way out
And I vow to never to stay out, stay out
And I’ve been, I’ve been off the radar
And I swear, I swear never to stay out late again

[Lyrics to Vow by Sales]

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Artist Sales Lyrics
Album"SALES" (2014)

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Sales - Vow Lyrics

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