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Sean David - Greatest Distraction Lyrics

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Sean David – Greatest Distraction Lyrics

Standing there, you look so pretty
Your cherry red lips are so sweet
And when I try to hold you, you are so so keen
You never knew how great it was for me

‘Said you like to dance and I like it too
But I’m never ever gonna catch up to you
There’s so many things I still want to do

But you’re the greatest distraction
Yes you’re the greatest distraction yeah

So you stay away don’t want me to forget my
Dreams and aspirations, lifelong goals and such things
So I play on but it’s not the same
‘Cos all my inspiration comes from you

Call you on the phone but you’re not at home (and you’re just)
So far now, too far now
There’s something that I keep telling you

You’re the greatest distraction
You’re the greatest distraction (still)
The greatest distraction
Yes you’re the greatest distraction yeah

I’ve seen so many faces but none like yours
And life’s just ten-thousand cases
Of falling in love, falling in love with you

With you
With you
You’re the greatest distraction yeah

[Lyrics to Greatest Distraction by Sean David]

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  • Sean David says:

    Thanks for the upload Wady!
    Everything is absolutely impeccable, with the exception of the compilation CD – it actually features 12 artists in total! It’s great! 🙂

    So honoured to be on this compilation and to be shared on this board.


  • Wady says:

    This song has already been featured on “Satellite Symphony” – a world wide distributed compilation of Sean David and other two starting out, young artists.

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