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Seb Young - A New Season Lyrics

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Seb Young – A New Season Lyrics

Boy, I was confused at a young age,
Homies in the crib, loading up the 12 guage…
I saw the homicides posted on the front page,
Raw greens in a dutch, some dimes, some tre’s
Nickel bags for sale,
15 yrs old & I was eating like a whale
Jamaicans up in Harlem saw me fresh off the scale
Once upon a time, boy, but this no fairy tale
We were eating, boy we lived it,
Package coming in the mail…
Them feens looking pale,
Some saw the jail & some posted bail
No matter how we lived it, man we lived it on the low
Until I heard the Christ calling me I had to go
In Air Ones, White Tee & Yankee fitted low
It’s time to raise the kids, so the streets they had to go
So, no more illegally making all of this doe,
& where would I be without him homie I wouldn’t know
Chillin’ in the Range Rover, until the game over
I do for Christ so no, I ain’t the same soldier
Brothers hate but wait, I still remain sober
Abel was good until his brother, Cain, came over
I was living on a free fall off the plant like I’m Seymour
Abraham descendants like the sands of the seashore
Isaac & Jacob Israel, this is what E saw (ESAU)
Peace ya’ll be chilling where the saints at
Have the town red & I be chilling where the paint at
Cut the grass low, I see you chilling where the snakes at
You mad that I’m Christian or you mad ’cause you ain’t that?
Laid back, I been like that since way back,
Way back, before Puff was screaming take that
This new life I’m living I can’t fake that
He threw me in the oven,
Now they screaming “where the cake at?”
Feening for the word,
He’ll do it all for me if he can do it for the birds
He did it for the city he can do it for the burds
No more sitting pretty, no more spiffing on the herb
Nah, nah, nah, nah
A new high like it’s Top Gun
For the Father God, I ride with the top son
Full speed Mach 7 from a Mach 1
Barely had a father, now I’m proud to say I got one
I rep Jesus


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