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Secret Colours - Heavy & Steady Lyrics

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Secret Colours – Heavy & Steady Lyrics

Keep it heavy and steady on the 101
Moonlit drive for the skeletons
I feel it in my bones

Strange times when the sun is blind
The bright white keeps us so very warm inside
Chase the dark lit glow

A screaming dream carries with the tide
A modern machine takes them for a ride
Spread it like the wind

Take us to the place
Where all the hearts race
Maybe we will find
Parallel states of mind
And everything we know
That we can’t let go
Will die another day
Cause tonight our lives fade away

Girls drugs guns and money
Everything to make the world act funny
I got him in my soul

Destroying to rebuild
Feels like time stands still
Let it take a hold

[Lyrics to Heavy & Steady by Secret Colours]

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