SeDrew Price - Most High Lyrics

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SeDrew Price – Most High Lyrics

I’m alive praises to the most high
Smokin’ fire so i stay the most high
Top flo’ on the list- most high
Top flo’ presidential- most high

A1 pure dopamine
Stir n serve coca’in like nesquik, ovaltine
Ghanjha farmer, tree hugger- pockets goin green
Trap hot but it’s still bubbling- boiling
Me n easy redd nappy head brothers- boondocks
Sellin moonrocks

Fiends flipmode- woohah!
Bands on bucks like tube-top
Tie’n knots like grooms wives
Check da shoebox careful runn streets,
Catch u slippin like a pool side
Grip good
Tims like dmx, tupac
X-ray vision and my 3rd eye psychic

Never be in crown vic
Never be a crime vic
King stay kushed- they callin me your highness
Trophies, my dope keep ’em runn
Back for the “hiiisman” (heisman)- dopedaddy
Aka give u ya highs man
Fiends hyphy- dash to me like hyphen

Smoke leave ’em choked- no need for heimlich
Other dealers don’t- no gas that’s hybrid
Ya trap wack, retire it
Mine ride til wheels fall,
Then we re tire it

Flippin’ n re tirin’
But trap don’t stop
Like what’s a shift
I’wont never clock out
Know what time it is
When birdies pop out
Like clock house
Fiends walk this way
Like rev joe, steven t
Dopedaddy, 2 things i do- run d, mc

I’m alive praises to the most high
Smokin fire so i stay the most high
Top flo on the list- most high
Top flo presidential- most high

[Lyrics to Most High by SeDrew Price]

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Artist SeDrew Price Lyrics
Album"Dopa Mine" (2014)

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SeDrew Price - Most High Lyrics

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