SEMI the GAWD - Draft Day Lyrics

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SEMI the GAWD – Draft Day Lyrics

I heard him say to loop it so semi could get his facts in
I’m back to blackin, this some shit you niggas could bask in
Or lather up & take a bath in, I’m washing em
Niggas running round like they action Jackson
Dropping shit & then they get hype from all of the gassed reaction
No, this his has to happen, he need to learn
He played with fire, so he need to burn
Niggas burning bridges they ain’t even earn
Now we gotta out the ash & out ya ass
Throwing all them stones with a house of glass
You know I had to do it for ya, chill before I bring a ruin to ya
Aint a sweat for the boy, what are them Molly’s doing to ya
You must be out yours, you in the house, I’m the King of the household
They gotta grill, you would think their mouth froze
They gotta chill, semi got that bounce flow
But even Hov couldn’t point em out though
I got a blueprint 2, later wit all that who diss who
Cause your misses be tryna kick it like it’s jiu jitsu
Haters wonder how I’ve accrued this loot
Well keep wondering nigga, tried to run it but keep fumbling nigga, I got it
You’d be a fool to not recognize a jewel when you see it
If I told you you was food would you believe it
Don’t get devoured, don’t let the power make you feel like you less of a coward
far as shells well mine’s a little resemblent of Bowser’s
That’s gon’ be hard to crack, semi got a surface that’s too hard to scratch
It’s the GAWD, I come from the art of rap

[Lyrics to Draft Day by SEMI the GAWD]

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SEMI the GAWD - Draft Day Lyrics

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