Set Before Us - Meadows Lyrics

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Set Before Us – Meadows Lyrics

As I stand here in the cold November morning
Overlooking the graveyard
Trying not to be overwhelmed
By all the secrets that faded away here

Some say it’s a place for eternal slumber
The place for a final rest
Yet some say it’s nothing
But a dark and empty void

Is this the final stop for all us souls walking the earth?

Alpha and Omega
Time is life
The beginning
And the end

Uncertainty reigns supreme
When ignorance is what we have
When nothingness
Is the core of our fears

In my aspect, birth and death are
The only static things in our lives
What to do with the time in between
It’s our choice and ours to hold

It’s our choice
Thus ours to hold

We invented the cycle
Born into the unknown
Outcast by death

Be a light
Be a light for you and your next

Alpha and Omega
Time is life
The beginning
And the end

(Alpha and Omega
Time is life
The beginning
And the end)

You just can’t outrun time
So why bother with trying?
Hold on a moment
Your spirit will thrive

In the bravest of manners
For what’s the definition
Of a perfect existence?

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