Shaun Sowray - .​.​.​Of A Dead Star Lyrics

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Shaun Sowray – .​.​.​Of A Dead Star Lyrics

Thrust into life
It can cut like a knife
Or knock you stone dead to the ground
For me to comply
As i let out a sigh
We hide so not to be found
They’ll trample your soul
As you’re thrown in a whole
To be a dead star in the sky
No time to forgive
Or time to relive the magic we had found

This is a memory of a dead star
We shall not ever forget who we are

Break your backs everyday
As you slave for a wage
To fulfill the dreams inside your head
From the cradle to the grave
All the mistakes that you made
Are memories long since dead
Not trust when i say
It shouldn’t be this way
We need to comprehend
As the sea levels rise
And the sun goes and dies
Just remember what i said

[Lyrics to .​.​.​Of A Dead Star by Shaun Sowray]

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Artist Shaun Sowray Lyrics
Album"Dot The Eyes And Cross The Teeth" (2013)

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Shaun Sowray - .​.​.​Of A Dead Star Lyrics

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