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Sianvar - Your Tongue Ties Lyrics

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Sianvar – Your Tongue Ties Lyrics

Clear this up: you’re a gem for all to see.
But when you open up your mouth, we all wish you’d stop breathing
Intriguing one synching to me.
Get off!
Intriguing one, all this talk’s no fun.
A verbal operation, dramatic conversation holding me down.
Other guys, they’re always crawling at your feet.
I might be putting up with you, cause I like being put onto you,
And when you’re put back onto me,
I bend you like you love to be.

Talk: your the melody.
That I can’t seem to mute.
When you’re hanging on my torso I could never let you go.
But your talking gets me thinking.
I should really let you go.
Righteous when your lips are parting-save me.
Gone before you’ve finished talking-Save me.
Save me now!
There’s no need to be free.
There’s no need to be vulnerable.
There’s no need to be free.
Your tongue ties me down.
Keeps me onto you.

[Lyrics to Your Tongue Ties by Sianvar]
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