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Skaa - The Vent Lyrics

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Skaa – The Vent Lyrics

I always stay snapping on every beat
No one is ahead of me
I’m chasing dreams, am I right about this I better be
No 9 to 5, won’t settle for a regular salary
I’m contemplating sipping on this Hennessey
Aiming for 8 figures
As time pass the more I stay sicker
It’s been a while so my dreams are prolly way bigger
Than what is was when I started out first
That’s what it does I’m feeling more hunger down in my guts
So I’mma go for it and turn dreams to real life
So many snakes quick to backstab you with a steel knife
But I just ignore them and try to be cautious
We living good but I grind and I still strive
To make the most of the life I live
I might as well make a living off the rhymes I spit
And all the times I spent, late nights plotting my plan
Making moves knowing too well it was all in my hands
They say I rap about the struggle a lot
But I’m just tryna give hope with these rhymes I jot
As I’m penning my thoughts
Record em for y’all to listen to
It’s been a minute I called, just know that I been missing you
I ain’t called in a long time
I been on this hard grind
I’m ill and still unsigned
I’m trying to cop mine
It’s like I’m stuck tryna make it out
And if it’s just only a few I’m tryna make em proud
Reminiscing on them days we were still kids
Dressed fly running round in my ill kicks
Now in the real world tryna make a mill quick
So many fakes around I’m spitting that real shit
Just to let u know
I’m headed for the pinnacle
Doing something original
I never wait on miracles
I just go and get it with my own team
I’m 20 and still young but chasing this old dream
I rather try man u never know
Wrote my first rhyme at 15
That’s when I knew that I was hella dope
Now I’m grinding tryna get the dough
What u know bout hustling with the mic tryna stay afloat
Tryna stay above water
I go harder
I’ll be damned if I quit so imma go further to The top
That’s the destination
Pray I’ll be the next to make it
I started out from the basement
Tired of being patient
Man I want it posthaste
But they sleeping on me
How long more would I showcase
This set of skills that I possess
Always feel like I’m the best
Like I was born writing rhymes I never put my hands to rest

Man I just wanna put some food up on my plate
I never did it like most of mates
I took a different route
Visualizing six zeros going in and out
Thoughts of making it always had sleeping in the couch
The paranoia mixed with pessimism
Doubting my set doctrines
But I gotta trust my mechanism
I know a few who could probably relate to this
Dreams of rapping making cash and just making hits
A lot of issues faced but never phased a bit
Used em to my advantage now I’m the mayne to pick

Said I’m the mayne to pick
Used em to my advantage
Now I’m the mayne to pick

Man I just wanna make it out of this place u know
U already know
U already know

© 2014 Skaa

[Lyrics to The Vent by Skaa]

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