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Skeleton Verse - Burst Balloons Lyrics

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Skeleton Verse – Burst Balloons Lyrics

[Verse 1] I predict a cover up,cross your initials with an X
Ditch the word “mate” please you official brass neck
I swam in my own blood so I can keep you safe
My brother’s my keeper,blah blah keep the faith
Ignorance is bliss,your happy as a pig in filth
Turn a deaf ear to me that’s the final insult
All the best man,enjoy your rent a life
And I must apologise if my back bent your knife

[Chorus] The balloons burst

[Verse 1] Pierce my skin till the ink gets mangled and blurred
Strongman benching your petted lip thats absurd
Your’ fighting your demons headfirst with a hollow chin
I have a chip on my shoulder playing the worlds smallest violin
Have our tears and laughter all been a waste of time?
4 of my brethren looking for a rope to climb
2 by the skin of their teeth before 8 remained
Its all on you chief,see if you can save your name

[Chorus] The balloons burst

[Outro] I’ve got a new tattoo
Mug on my forehead,mug on my forehead

[Lyrics to Burst Balloons by Skeleton Verse]

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