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Skeme - Believe Me Lyrics

Skeme – Believe Me Lyrics

If a nigga dancing at me not they ain’t around
God like it, can’t see me but you afraid you nigga
First class, fly miles send me near to you nigga
Pay so on it, I migh just tatto tits to a nigga
And no they ain’t paying that’s a fact bitch
Drop that dumn, put you on the map bitch
And what I’m at it this just the news flash, punck ass, fine staps
Let to trap bitch
You aint made it that all for rapper shit, since your rap ain’t slow
You just tell her she rap
Already shut that’s the care of damn bust back
We ain’t never hit a pocket, hit struggle with strap
You just a part of hit bitchm, power all and dope
For me to put you in ain’t non eof my church
Fuck nigga, truth about you is you suck nigga
Stop in club every week, you just sit in dark nigga
You better rool fast self for the one of
Now watch it what you say I chock mouth bout a nigga
I’mm a had you team all and likc it all for a nigga
Blood money shit, game about that house from a nigga
I’m that type that turn nothing into something
I don’t say much, falling busting, end up all discution
I still touch this forth few whores, stop fucking
So risel bottles and bithes, you nigga alwase fine
Keep it trilling my whores looks look chilling left all in T box
Flow sick let the flow kick nigga chief rock
Chips I’ll be on my team, work that T round
Moving aford nigga you should open up and get the keys on
Look this lil nigga must be in insane
That ot green as his neck under his fake ass
Now you thinking that you BAG, what’s SAB
Two pack restle acting with a fully over acting
Watch where you stopping over stashi on the roadu
And you just wana get you name up and I think it’s patetic
You finelly let you drops digs me on the record
But I know you want it this
I’m just g;ad you finelly said it
Smart money said you hit it and regret it
Fuck a credid bitch I just flash the hood debby
Mad cuz I make a joke while you was I jail
And you couldn’t feed you shile and I still think is patetic
Nigga long money nigga, nigga’s never take no breakes
So even if you locked up your kids wills till be straight
You onyl have it inthe streets if we talking your way
I get you murder and pull up yourself
Homies said you need a help and you came at me
And no one had to prove, I wander how could it be
They night is fuck, fuck nigga you got a problem with me
Fuck a pay zone nigga, talk dollars with me
I’m saying house stupid, could you nigga posible be
But they can trash mix tape and make it harder then me
Somebody tell that boy, they ain’t say none about me
Cuz if I’m hot the shutters pop and you are knock
Ten miles to the twenty niggas maving with me
And shut out bout the niggas, they ain’t even maving with me
Niggasl love drama if you want froaging with me
And I ain’t drop a shit untill I first drop a beat
You pussy, nigga’s go up in their shit
I fucking record in the motherfucker basement
Man you niggas look like trash
No motherfucker spots nigga
Top nine, niggas writting shit there’s on the charge
You niggas are at home
That’s the difference between you and he
Nigas right, nigga
Nigga running before this rap shit was pop it a hundred
But now our days nigga get rich right
So what that shit you talkin about they really mean nothing
And fuck a sollace circles of patotos, get the job done
Tags bag be different halo when you have on e
Can’t be talking to a saker cuz banz be on five time together
And it’s obvious from now on
I heard got boon on stage and win G shit
That’s nother good occasion and you never be shit
Then you said let’s fuck what you at for doing shit
Then you have mustace and all you take
That’s a wive shit, see
That’s playing both side of a fense nigga
Use a pussy with stansh nigga
And if this beat is a rap I ain’t a take a shit back
Every world I said about she go like mad nigga
And either get the homie right now
With a french kiss, boy you know the gran has the granch nigga
Nigga stop but that days fly wick and
You ain’t even need the suit up on the desh nigga
Your homies gone is why you did the verse
I ain’t tage G nigga know we hit you first
And a question, start a man in my session
And if my niggas catch you then it’s two of bitches that you rapping qick
Nigga, nigga, nigga thi lane I’m balling ain’t my nigga
Fat ass, I never did nothing
It’s all when I see that nigga walking on home way,
I figure out they let anybody in this motherfucker
God damn, this brother balls, cigaretts and shit
But I don’t got no could nigga man
Damn, niggas blow money for you dizzy
Next day we ain’t homies no more
Fuck that nigga
And if you see me in the streets you should run out

[Lyrics to Believe Me by Skeme]

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