So So Glos - Dizzy Lyrics

So So Glos – Dizzy Lyrics

I keep on falling on my way back to see you
And it’s just like autumn
You and I. U N I T Y .
But things just aint’ the same babe
Ever since the radio spins me
I’m feeling dizzy
Say this and repeat
There’s earth beneath my feet

I’m getting older
She’s getting younger see, but me
I aint’ her father as much as she wants me to be
It just makes me dizzy
Yo dj, spin me round’

I keep on falling on my way
I feel just like autumn
I’m feeling dizzy

You just tell me I’m wasting time
I turn around and I wonder why
The world keeps spinning me rown and round
While it just sits me down,
There’s a hole in the ground in a Tinseltown
I spin from what I’ve heard.
I’m feeling dizzy
What you heard, it’s no bird,
It just spins me around
33 and a 3rd,
All the way down to the neighborhood
I just wanna tell ya so its understood?
I don’t wanna tell ya that the boy is good
Just watch it come around into
Your town on the radio dial
Make you smile
Don’t have to kill yourself to put it around
Put me on your wall
But I’m falling down
And my brains splattered all over the ground
Ch, ch cha ch, cha, cha !!

[Lyrics to Dizzy by So So Glos]

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Artist The So So Glos Lyrics
Album"Blowout" (2013)

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So So Glos - Dizzy Lyrics

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