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Sol Cat - Bread on the Table Lyrics

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Sol Cat – Bread on the Table Lyrics

It ain’t that cool having that little beast on the block
No I don’t ever leave my home
Used to dance in serious way
She used to dance for me
But you ain’t ever the only

When the lovin’s down the street

Living up to expectations don’t feel right
That’s why I never put it on you
So I may get a little wasted tonight
Your sugar used to be so sweet
But now it’s gonna get a little difficult

When the lovin’s down the street

I’m all tied up
Loose screws
Looking rough
It’s been messing with my mind for sometime
Younger may be better but I never can remember
You can’t be this close and not want some love woo

When the lovin’s down the street

[Lyrics to Bread on the Table by Sol Cat]

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