Something More - Brentwood Park Lyrics

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Something More – Brentwood Park Lyrics

Countless nights in Brentwood park
We’ve risked our lives to see the stars

We’ve played in basements and random bars
Played empty rooms and left with an empty jar
It’s been a long time coming
But We never thought we’d have come this far

And We couldn’t have seen it coming
But we lost everything we had in that car

Why can’t you see that were doing what we have to
While we’re away and you’re at home
I can’t think of another way to tell you
That I don’t see myself working a dead end job

I think the Walmart security is on to us
But we’re safe and sound in Big Red
It looks like the sun’s coming up
Medicated to go to bed

Being out here is what i have to do
To feel like I’m doing anything worthwhile
And I know that we can make it
Cause I’ve never wanted anything more than this right now

[Lyrics to Brentwood Park by Something More]

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Artist Something More Lyrics
Album"Something More // Carry The Banner Split" (2015)

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Something More - Brentwood Park Lyrics

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