Something More - Maybe It's Just Me Lyrics

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Something More – Maybe It’s Just Me Lyrics

If you could read my mind
You’d know that I don’t hate you
I’m just trying to piece everything together
And keep us from falling apart
Cause I can’t get out of my head
With these thoughts about your bed
That keep me awake at night
And dreaming about the past

You say we’re perfect but I just can’t see
Past the things you did when you didn’t know me
I know I’m gonna hurt you and bring you down
But this isn’t gonna work this time around.

Maybe it’s just me and none of this matters
But I’m still always thinking about
The nights spent in your room
When I wasn’t around
I hate myself for hating this
And there’s nothing that can change it
But you can’t change how I feel
No matter how much you regret it

Oh you know you’re killing me
But I don’t die that easily

Fuck your past
Cause it’s fucking up my head.
Fuck your past
And get out of my bed

[Lyrics to Maybe It’s Just Me by Something More]

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Artist Something More Lyrics
Album"Something More // Carry The Banner Split" (2015)

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Something More - Maybe It's Just Me Lyrics

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