Sonnie Carson - Come On Lyrics (Feat. Vado)

Sonnie Carson – Come On Lyrics (Feat. Vado)

Had to pay two rocks just to get in this bitch
Goddamn right I’m getting this bitch!
We gon’drink Roze like it’s water
Come fuck shit up, leave, in that order
B.K. Hard, city of my brain
Hairstyle got upstate in My Chain
4 a.m., still, we ain’t done
I’mma keep hoes on the couch like VH-1
She said I just met you, boy, you crazy
Here’s my number, call me maybe
Here’s my plan, I’mma call you never
leave right now, we can do whatever
And I mean whatever, being straightforward
hit her best friend, she ain’t even know it
Champagne pouring, that’s how we give it up!
Put your bottles in the air and live it up!

Game: padlocking. Aim? I pass rocket
Claim: you got knocked in. Shame: you got garbage!
Cheap T.V., bottle in my back pocket
Two stepping with two models from Black Chocolate
If this a party, I’m in there
New Ferrari, welted with swimwear
No need to tell me, pappy, who got it? It’s Tim here
Four belly rum with Tommy, I’m sincere
Fuck it! Let’s go to Africa!
Cut her off, she call like I ain’t mad at you
Straight balling, call the plate like Attica

Sound check, 1 2, what is it?
If you ain’t with us then mind your business
Money is the rule, I don’t stop drinking
I might see double.

[Lyrics to Come On by Sonnie Carson (Feat. Vado)]

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    Artist Sonnie Carson Lyrics
    Album"Most Likely To Succeed" (2014)

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    Sonnie Carson - Come On Lyrics (Feat. Vado)

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