Son Of Aurelius - A Great Liberation Lyrics

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Son Of Aurelius – A Great Liberation Lyrics

Gazing aimlessly into the night
While the rest of us
Restless and wrestling with our thoughts
Attempt to flee the nest and build our ruminations
On pillars of the mind whose strength will grant

Liberation from doubt and pain
Dismay will no longer be our name

Instead the phantom spends
Its pensive evenings in meditation
Besting temptations of fear and dread
Awake, without hesitation,
And desperate to render some use in the day

Today, he speaks aloud

He speaks aloud
He speaks aloud to make sure
He’s breathing

[Lyrics to A Great Liberation by Son Of Aurelius]

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Lyrics Information

Artist Son Of Aurelius Lyrics
Album"Under A Western Sun" 2014

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Son Of Aurelius - A Great Liberation Lyrics

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