Stargazer - Bold And Brash Lyrics

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Stargazer – Bold And Brash Lyrics

Leap of faith, incoherently stumbling down the beaten path
Deaf and blind to things that can be changed
All the cancer, stifling, can’t see the forest for the trees
A wrecking ball philosophy

Let the light shine down
What was lost is found
Rectify your life
The beauty of creation is what lies inside

The cake’s not worth the candle, so they say
But this is called a journey- find a way

Life is love, life is pain
And it’s a battle to get on your feet again
Getting knocked down feels wrong
But you had the strength inside of you all along

Bruised and broken, Godforsaken, I just want to run away

I am defined by the scars and the lines of my life
Go create your own history
Look at the pages and what they say
Open your eyes, this life is more than ordinary

I am defined by the scars and the lines of my life
And my rite, now my future is bright
(The past can hurt, it can leave some scars, but they remind us of who we are)
And there’s no one can stop what I do

[Lyrics to Bold And Brash by Stargazer]

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Stargazer - Bold And Brash Lyrics

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