Stat Quo - Michael Lyrics

Stat Quo – Michael Lyrics

February 17th, 1963, who would’ve predicted your talent would inspire me?
You was hooping and winning, loved by women and children
You was the best of the best, made the ground worth millions
I heard you got some gambling problems, but nobody’s perfect
They tried to convict the death of your father to you on purpose
I was 15 years old when I bought my first pair
Couldn’t afford them before, my momma was on welfare
Now I’m a grown ass man still rocking your kicks
Niggas killing each other, waiting in line to buy your shit
I can still hearing my grandma telling me ‘they just shoes’
Fuck that, I need the fours, elevens, and twos
Red and baby blues, I salute you, dog
Know you faced adversities, overcame them all
At the end of the night, we all flawed
I’m sipping Ciroc and Gatorade tryna be you and ball

June 30th, 1966, bad start that left you and your mother in your bricks
You were saying when she died if I lost my mother I would flip
But you maintained a start at the training, got on your shit
Then it rain like a pit, an assassin with gloves on
Undefeated and winning, building your box and kingdom
Gold medals turn to heavy weight love, she wasn’t prepared for the cards God dealt
See, bust did know you out, but I blame Robin
Bitches ain’t shit ‘cause don king was in your pockets
Damn, they locked the champ up, amped up but you got free
Fought Evander twice, bit his ear, they calling you crazy
Years passed, you going broke, that’s what they saying
Saw you in the Hangover, that tiger shit was amazing
But I still thought that you tough ‘cause you came from the pavement
All might, real nigga, fought his way up and made it

August 29th, 1958, what a day, Joseph the chosen one
Right up the gate, lost your childhood to the music
…is therapeutic, remember watching your video right …
Thriller, bad nigga, Remember the Time, classic material
You at the top with nowhere to climb
Controversies surrounded you but I never doubted
Living your live in the spotlight will take a lot out you
Man, they got you on trial but you moonwalked out of court
Friends outside riding with you crying, they showing support
Can’t keep a good man down, found out you beat that shit
But you addicted, conflicted prescriptions, you can’t quit
On the 25th 2009 with my nigga… we found out you were dying
And now the whole world sad ‘cause who would’ve thought
Your life would’ve came to a halt, we all suffered his loss

[Lyrics to Michael by Stat Quo]

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Artist Stat Quo Lyrics
Album"All This Life Allows" (2013)

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Stat Quo - Michael Lyrics

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