Statik - Obsession Lyrics

Statik – Obsession Lyrics

Heroin, it’s a hell of a drug.
It buries em, just so they get buzzed.
They carry em, to buy their families lunch.
It’s scarin em, they scared of a bust.
Most of em don’t give a f**k but some of em does.
They don’t wanna be in it. Don’t wanna be called a thug.
But they do it anyways to show their little brothers love.
But someday you won’t be there to give em a hug.
It’s just so hard to be around it ya whole life.
If you get caught you can’t even say goodbye to ur wife.
It’s hard to turn away cuz if you do you get stabbed with a knife.
It’s difficult to get on the path of what’s right.

Cuz all money, girls, power it comes to you free.
But you’re not blinded. I know that you see.
When you quit drugs you feel nothing but defeat.
It’ll always be there as long as ur runnin in the streets.
All I ever used to do was pop pills and deal.
Cuz about 4 Ritalin made me think real.
Addicted to the thoughts addicted to how it feels.
Chemically imbalancing like poppy fields.
Kids in the road staring at what I do.

Don’t care about self-image so I inhale more fumes.
If my mom knew what I was doing she’d want me to stop.
It never crossed my mind I’m low from all the percs I pop.
I escape from the pills and smoke a few blunts.
But it doesn’t get me as high as the prometh in the cups.
So I get lean and throw in two or three addies.
I get it all cheap my friend got hundreds in his attic.
I have no shame, I’m aware that I’m an addict.
I wanna stop but I’m too weak to even combat it.
I snort two bars and punch holes in my walls.
Scared to punch stop signs but I do it I just stall.
If Kanye saw what I was doin he would be so appalled.
It’s always been my dream for me to sign with em all.
No one would accept me if they knew I had no self-esteem.
Or if they knew that I had nothing to give but negativity.
No one gives me help even tho I’m beggin please.
Just a little support, that’s all I need.

I wanted to die I tried to give myself a disease.
I quit drugs now but now that shit’s comin back to me.
All the cough medicine that I drank, it gave me cancer.
Halfway through my addiction is when I finally got an answer.
Karma’s lookin out for me always givin me signs.
I learned from them all like when I stopped doin lines.
I learned that life is a really f**kin hard thing to live.
But you’ll make it if happiness is all you ever give.
I don’t wanna die now I want a wife and kids.
Even tho I made mistakes I regret nothing I did.
Every mistake I’ve made has a very inexplicable beauty.
I’m thankful that I quit before I ended up shooting.
I’ve searched for advice but everybody looked through me.
No one could help me cuz nobody really knew me.

Sometimes you just gotta solve ur own problems.
Cuz most of the time you’re the person that caused em.
But every single one that I’ve caused I just loved em.
Gotta help people with my past so I write em and draw em.
I try so hard to just inspire and motivate.
But nobody listens I’m so tired of people pushin weight.
Gotta sell some hydros so over 30 minutes late.
So much I just love makin money at this rate.
I’m destroying my life and I’m aware.
My hearts already torn why’s it matter if my brain is teared?
Break adderall apart and leave the beads everywhere.
I never had a friend or a partner I’ll never be a pair.
My second home is gettin invited to a trap lord’s lair.
Overdose on prescription like the son of Rick Flair.

Take 12 Dexedrine just for a dare.
Deaths off biphetamines are just so rare.
But you know 17 year old addicts just don’t care.
I sell drugs just to get some more clothes to wear.
Yeah I know my death a lot of people couldn’t bear.
But all humans are evil so Hell I’ll see you there.
Hell I’ll see you there.
Hell I’ll see you there.

[Lyrics to Obsession by Statik]

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Artist Statik Lyrics
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Statik - Obsession Lyrics

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