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Stephen Steinbrink - Trust Lyrics

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Stephen Steinbrink – Trust Lyrics

Too much consumption that trumps creation
So many images, obliteration
I could see how late the sun sets
But I’m installing new reality
Proliferate our new appendages
That relay all our new messages

So many strangers up on the beach head
Kicking sand on the driftwood
There’s a child and a dog there
Drinking tea instead of coffee
In the morning in a friends house
Walls and Bridges chiming in again
Forget everything I know again

Separate absurdity to visualize and make me clean
It disappears to reappear
Remembering your absence
Trust heart of stone
Trust microphone
Trust Animism
Trust Barbituism
Trust the policy
And you won’t tip the balance

[Lyrics to Trust by Stephen Steinbrink]
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