Stik Figa - Black America Lyrics

Stik Figa – Black America Lyrics

I say black all they fry all they life probably suicide
Proof that I’m poof that I’m still alive
Had to describe certain strive to the finish line
No one understood so wee tried to oversimplify
Black doesn’t define us is the absence of life
We managed to shine picking draughts fixing mics
The ladies in fashion what’s happening tonight
Ass soon as an hour never lasted the fight
Black that’s my name and my crisis with identity
Stolen with an image that’s an accurate liming
Cultured with death that developed in infinity
I love back and forth but ain’t nobody listening
Black humanity product of environment
Symbol in the ghetto that’s as savage as the language is
Though the chips can carry my nigger no matter like the skin
Parallel device that continues to divide the man
America’s the land of the free home of the slave
Recognized for the fear often known for the hate
We die and we fight for the right to get paid
So no matter watcha party you ain’t getting your way
America stained with blood washed with lies
Freedom of speech has often cost your life
Are you going are you coming to feel so lot in time
Crazy everyday we already lost our mind
This America hue first ask questions later
That believe what you did or under arrest paraded
Don’t matter if you’re tugging or on your best behavior
Violence is crime but violence legislated
You profess the savior Treyvon be still alive
You kill a god that die get killed in fight
And victim somehow with a guy that’s still alive
Face it it’s just a system cause everything’s compromised
In America, yeah in America
In America
In America
I just want people to hear you you know
Get it on the record sun
Figured out I share with you all
I just wanna force to think that’s all
Think about who you are about how you feel about
Who you are
I feel good about who you are
Skinny ears is skinny thug stick

[Lyrics to Black America by Stik Figa]

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Stik Figa - Black America Lyrics

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