Stolas - Solunar Lyrics

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Stolas – Solunar Lyrics

I felt the mystic shadow persistence
Feed my eyes, fill it up with lies
Not hungry either way I keep eating more
You know you control
Make the change, erase the blame
There’s a way to fill that hole

The surface the texture.
Stern rigidity of stone
The weather, the pressure
The shifting of the snow
Bridges are burning
The rivers freezing cold
Cross over and wait there
You shouldn’t travel alone
All alone
Don’t travel alone
On your own

They could never hold the weight
(We leave no room for mistakes)
We’ll take exactly what is ours.
We’ll leave no trace of a struggle now, we’ll fight for our, our lives are one

I’m keeping prey, I’m keeping time, I’m creeping close, I’ll keep what’s mine
They’re far back now, but I’ll leave behind a ghost to show them I’m keeping time
She’s too far elusive and I’m too late to stop her
Traces of her linger, destroying us, destroying us

We’ll never find a better person to chase
Her trail lingers on, on and on
She’s got eyes full of gold and her wishes are leading her nowhere
She thinks we’ve gone home
It’s a road that’s far from over
Let the search begin
Let us write what was thought to be left undone
Gather all that’s ours to show her she’s not the only one
We’ll never find a better person to chase, just the two of us

[Lyrics to Solunar by Stolas]

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Artist Stolas Lyrics
Album"Allomaternal" (2014)

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Stolas - Solunar Lyrics

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