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Supastition - Honest Living lyrics

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Supastition – Honest Living lyrics

They try to make me feel bad ‘cause I don’t wanna live in this fucked up neighborhood.

‘Cause I refuse to deal dope to take care of my children. You know!
(Live how I live, it’s only ‘cause I’ve been through it)
Verse one:
Why is it wrong that I long for a life with no violence?
or sirens following sounds of gunshots firing?
innocent folks dying, living here grows tiresome
jobs I’m qualified for froze hiring
so I am just simply a product of my environment
so, screw retirement, Im barely getting by with this
on a wish, wing and a prayer, I wanna make this rap thing a career
but it’s the same love ballad I’ve been singing for years
so my lady don’t seem to care…
cause the false hopes and promises, we’ve both seen our share
but… I know there’s gotta be some way for me to profit more
I know there’s life waiting outside these projects doors
when I explore my options, I’m coming up short
I try to vent to my friends but what the fuck for?
I scream my dreams they seem less impressed with it
I guess my boys are just well dressing pessimists
busy chasing estrogen, they sexually charged
if destiny called they probably too lazy to check messages
don’t get me wrong, I ain’t ashamed to be hood
understood? but it’ll be good if I could see less of it
less aggressiveness, way less police greetings
a new neighborhood would change the way police greet us
from a “hey, boy” to a simple “hello, sir”
they wouldn’t see me as some ignorant Negro first
but nowadays I’m fed up hearing my old earth
tripping cause I’m in between jobs trying to soul search
see I’ve looking up and down but there’s no work
filling applications out, dropping off resumes
but even though I’m too talented for that peasant pay
realistically, I’m a peasant in present day
without money, I just can’t afford to hesitate
plus I’m hungry, trying to put us in a better place
that’s really what I need to do
I’m sick of living in an area where people won’t even deliver pizza too
and these security gates they break daily
so my lady and my neighbors don’t feel safety
my homies seem complacent with wasting away
or just partying’ til the date they placed in a grave
but even though I don’t got a pot to piss in
I got a mission, I’m optimistic
gotta drop the negative views blocking my vision
gotta pocket some quick dollars like it’s nobody’s business
racing against the clock, feels like I’m chasing the second hand
I’m to the point I’ll take any job that you recommend 
forgot about the fact I’ve been on multiple tours
I’m not too high-minded to work at a grocery store
or any place I’m employed, I got pride, don’t think that mine is missing
what kind of man is ashamed to make an honest living?
I mean, my children got food, clothes, shelter
and I’mma be embarrassed? come on… what kind of times you live in? 
where dope dealers get more respect than 9 to 5ers
what kind of man would be ashamed to make an honest living?

It feels like I’m struggling and barely getting by
The attitude around me is live and let die
My boys, they just wanna get drunk and get high
But I just wanna make me an honest living
I just wanna make me an honest living
I just wanna make me an honest living

(Live how I live, it’s only ‘cause I’ve been through it)

[Lyrics to Honest Living by Supastition]

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