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SVE - Riot Lyrics

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SVE – Riot Lyrics

You disappear when you sit around
Turn into smoke you’re exhausting rising from the ground
Deface the parts of you that always stand to keep you down

I see us shining brighter, brighter than all the lights
We must be stars cause we can’t stop reaching the sky
Now I see
That I touch
Their eyes ignite

Your heart is a bomb
Set it off
Let me light it
Your heart is a bomb

Let’s start a riot

If you what you fear is what you try to hide
Making it clear what you want is what you vandalize
Reveal the scary wonder that you claim to keep inside

I see us winning bigger, bigger than any game
We must be famous cause they can’t stop screaming our name
Now I see
That I touch
Bring me to life

Your heart is a bomb
set it off
let me light it
your heart is a bomb

let’s start a riot

[Lyrics to Riot by SVE]

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