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Tainted Lady - No Offense Usually Means Offense Lyrics

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Tainted Lady – No Offense Usually Means Offense Lyrics

No offense, but you strike me as the type
Who’d like to beat me up, I understand, really that’s alright
You see I’d do it myself if I had the time

Well too bad, I’m not much of a fighter
That doesn’t mean I’m a lover, either
But as your sister will surely inform you
I don’t need homework to pull an all-nighter

You mad bro? Good.

Not only do I challenge you by the way I look
But my mouth is way too damn big for my own good
It’s non-stop, heat up, if anyone I deserve being beat up
You however, a racist dead within
I promise you I’d hate you no matter the color of your skin
So go be strong about it
I’ll be the fag who goes home and writes a song about it

You’re gonna die alone, gonna die alone, gonna have a
lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time
You probably didn’t even get that one anyway

These days everybody’s been telling me
that all I gotta do is to believe
an’ one day, they’ll pay, and I’ll be somebody

Now what the fuck is so wrong ’bout who I am
Born somebody, don’t need ya fuckin’ stamp
Since you know it all I see, have I got this straight
Oh, please do enlighten me
So if I’m gonna succeed, I’ll just slave up to a system built on greed
that has nothing to do with the actual sounds that we conceive
And you say all I gotta do is believe
Please fuckin’ spare me

We’re never gonna make it, never gonna make it anyway
Does it surprise you to hear me this way

Well okay
I love it when you judge me
Judge this

So you have an opinion
Just for the sake of having one
You lost sight the cause though
It seems you let it go, when I had begun
Time to face the truth
Play rock and you’ll lose
The pigs will eat it all
Real men choose

[Lyrics to No Offense Usually Means Offense by Tainted Lady]

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