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Taipei Soul Brothers - Nightwatch Lyrics

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Taipei Soul Brothers – Nightwatch Lyrics

There’s a chill in the air and I’m stranded inside the rain
And my thoughts turn to some remote future days again
And I gaze thru the pines and the mist is sinking low
And the dirty rain — is seeping thru my brain

And I manage to squeeze out some blood from my sagging skin
And I manage to finally realize that I dream
I need you by my side but you’re miles and miles away
So I drift away — and I’m led astray

Nightwatch — dirty job in no man’s land
Nightwatch — hold out to the bitter end

Could it be that a phantom is steppin’ out of time
Could it be that it’s finally tried for some wicked crime
And the barracks I am to protect cast a feeble light
So I hum a tune — to the fading moon
Nightwatch …

And the morning comes slow and they beg me to come inside
And I study the news and a chill runs down my spine
For I hear that a girl crashed a car on the icy road
And she passed away — fold your hands and pray

Nightwatch …

[Lyrics to Nightwatch by Taipei Soul Brothers]

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