Take Her to Athena - Earth Mover Lyrics

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Take Her to Athena – Earth Mover Lyrics

The way I feel when you look right through me
I feel the knives as they bury deep inside me
I never thought that they would ground me
After all these years your words still affect me

Your stupid tricks and lies are all consuming
I close my eyes and fall into the darkness
The night’s my shelter, I shed my weakness
I can’t become the man I thought I could be
The man that rises up and fights this with ease
There’s so much suffering in my own head
The face I wear is just a mask to avoid your questions
I’m so much stronger without your opinions
Way beyond the dreams of moving mountains
I find the clarity to all my problems
Because of you I felt like I was nothing
You cannot handle what I am becoming now
Do you hear what people call me

I am the earth mover that you set free
Can you see what the people can see
I am a martyr for the world that can’t breathe
I try to be the best I can
It paid off

And now I’ve come to realise
The price of life is that we can’t always be
In control of who we can be
We have to make the most of this

[Lyrics to Earth Mover by Take Her to Athena]

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Take Her to Athena - Earth Mover Lyrics

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