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Taylor Thrash - B4 Lyrics

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Taylor Thrash – B4 Lyrics

Like whattup new song
Tryna write a hit then make my money live long
Got one nut livestrong
Inside joke for my friends
Start from the beginning and they gon’ sing that again
And I’m just waiting till my spotlight shine
Preparing for success I got money on my mind
People say we’re blessed get stressed wastin time
So i been thinking this is the moment that could change my life
This could be my chance to save the day
To prove to Mrs. Robinson I’m more than just my age
To prove to Mr. Johnson that I’m more than just my grades
To prove to Dallas Texas I’m the next big thing Thing
Don’t get it wrong got nothing to prove to nobody
And I can’t seem act right, that’s Yo Gotti
And the reason that I stick around is Yo body
White boy from the burbs but, yo shawty
What’s up
Never met a woman like you before
Bet you got the boys beaten down your door
Bet you never thought you would be creeping
But you hadn’t met me before so what’s up

Oh hey my love is yours if you want it
You don’t have to act so tough
Just Take my love it’s your’s if you want it
We can slow down Your heads up in the clouds b

Just let my mind open up and let it be beautiful
I don’t need to tell you look at everyone who looks at you
Looks at us watch at how they look at us girl I’m serious
Turning heads like they need you I’m lucky
You kept my sweet beats on replay freak the sheets or on the freeway
Naked pictures from new york, gave the people what they wanted
And I’m everything I ever talked about the level that I’m on would shut nintendo down like
For real if I was 16 I’d be jealous now
Like how you doing what you’re doin now
And that’s not money or fame just the things I figured out
When I was searching in my brain like I knew there was something more
Then I met the devil when I met the lord
And honest honest honest
Girls became to easy and I guess I just got bored

[Lyrics to B4 by Taylor Thrash]

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