Teitanblood - Anteinfierno Lyrics

Teitanblood – Anteinfierno Lyrics

Boiling swarm of bottomless eyes.
Cancerous thoughts ulcer the memory of the guiltless ones… yet unrighteous!
Imprisoned below, errants with marked hands.
Hearken, you Earth, the words of my mouth!
Penitents subdued in indifference under insects and worms.
A joyful choir of protests and blasphemies at Acheron’s damned shores.

Death! where is your sting?
All hope abandon ye who enter here.
For a fire was kindled by His discipline, a fire was risen by their faith.
The wisdom of the Lord in every act of separation
Engulfing the harvests and tearing the mountains down.

Altar of grotesque Tetramorph, hovering over the carrion incest.
Mutilation and sodomy: split as one, salvation and punishment together as none.
Was this love on par with the one of Amon?
Maybe the daughters of Lot?

Verily, verily I say unto you:
The wicked will spit out the riches they swallowed.
No dust will be left for Him to burn.
Their iniquity will turn sour in their stomach.

Cold seeds projected in poisoned corpses
Shall give birth to sinful dirt in the name of God,
Through the mouth of a whore…
With angel’s wings to witness His wrath from the land of no return,
Awaiting like a vision into those eternal flames.
Death, where is your sting? Hades, where is your victory?

[Lyrics to Anteinfierno by Teitanblood]

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Artist Teitanblood Lyrics
Album"Death" (2014)

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Teitanblood - Anteinfierno Lyrics

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