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Tellison - Snow (Don't Tell The Truth At Christmas) Lyrics

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Tellison – Snow (Don’t Tell The Truth At Christmas) Lyrics

Don’t tell the truth this Christmas
Don’t go break somebody’s heart
If you’re not in love anymore just pretend
And then wait for the New Year to start
New Year to start.

Don’t think too much this Christmas
Don’t let your brain break your heart
Cause one day you will see lies can make you happy
Until then from me love do not part

Just like snow on Christmas day
Just lie and say you’ll stay

I’m not saying you should lie
I just think at Christmas it’s hard to get by
And if you bite your lip if you pluck up some tact
If you wait for New Year before you really act
You won’t regret that

If you’re not sure what to get me
This Christmas here’s what would make me happy
If you really don’t love me or want me no more
Wait till January before you walk out the door
Let December be
My Christmas reprieve

Don’t tell the truth this Christmas
Let’s not admit to the way
That nothing you have will stay quite how it was
And the people you love will not stay

Let’s pretend they’re like the snow
How we lie that they won’t go
So please pretend I’m right
And may all your Christmases…
Be white
(And alright).

[Lyrics to Snow (Don’t Tell The Truth At Christmas) by Tellison]
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