Tessera Skies - Droplet lyrics

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Tessera Skies – Droplet lyrics

Lies begin as white
Beginnings wrought from rust

It was man of desire
Perspired a salty greed
Lit fire for fun

Tiny voice in a sea of uncountable voices
One droplet in all of the ocean
Spluttered words fall like rain, we are soaked to the bone
Mucky droplets we’ve taken for our very own

I am not all beast
Cavorting without thought or speech

Remember when you speak for me
Oh I’m tired of being pleased so easily

And how we’ll look back in amazement at every scrap and scrape we’re fighting now
Oh we’ll laugh all night remembering the risible ideas we used to have
We’ll wash away the empty words, our hopes writ large, “Don’t sell me to myself!”
What is the ocean?

[Lyrics to Droplet by Tessera Skies]

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Tessera Skies - Droplet lyrics

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