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The Apparition - The Watchtower Lyrics

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The Apparition – The Watchtower Lyrics

I f**king bow to no one.
How many years have we wasted, to stand around and watching others.
Create a world we never agreed to.
As they pursue their dreams but n to our own

Our ship has set sailed with no course to follow,
Hopeless waters wash up decay to our hands.
Lay down and pray, for what you claim to obey,
Unworthy of what we offer, left astray.
Gasping for air, from the murky waters.
Set sail and cast back to shore.

We conduct the death march

Heavy lies the crown, for the shallow souls that have drowned.
Suffer our retribution, we hail no kings

I Fucking bow to no one

We’ll never bow, we’ll never surrender
We will resist the fear of failure,
See the fire fire burn in the blink of our eyes,
We Stand our ground and we’re ready to rise

Prepare for war.

© 2014 The Apparition

[Lyrics to The Watchtower by The Apparition]

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