The Blue Dawns - For My Lover Lyrics

The Blue Dawns – For My Lover Lyrics

I’ve made mistakes, lord knows I’ve paid,
I’ve paid a fortune,
I’ve paid with my time, and my piece of mind,
For my lack of caution,
When night turns to day, the smoke drifts away,
I can see clearer,
The man that I see, it don’t look like me,
I see a stranger,

I hope that in time, I’ll make it worthwhile,
All of the waiting,
I know it gets hard, When we’re apart,
I know it’s frustrating
I never knew
What I’d put you through
All that I’ve done
And all that I do
I do it for my love

All that see, all that I say,
I say it for my love,
All that I have, is right here with you

[Lyrics to For My Lover by The Blue Dawns]

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Artist The Blue Dawns Lyrics
Album"Against The Tide" (2015)

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The Blue Dawns - For My Lover Lyrics

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