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The Boys After - 2021 Lyrics

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The Boys After – 2021 Lyrics

Driving on because it’s all we know,
And I just want to breathe in everything I see,
I look around at all these sights and sounds,
And I still need to believe there is more for me,

When I grow old I will be satisfied,
Knowing I loved the way that I lived my life,
I did my best to thrive and stay between,
The lines of what I want,
And what I need,

We’re still so young and driven,
Hold on to hope cause it’s all that you’re given,
So are you ready to get up?

I cannot wait to see,
Where my life is taking me,
We have so many dreams of gold,

But ’til we go,
We’re never ever gonna know,
What we’re capable of,

If there’s just one thing I could leave behind,
It’s these thoughts of you running through my mind,
All of these memories,
They hold me down,
So will I sink or swim?
I know I will not drown,

I’m not gonna run away this time,
I’ve got everything to make this mine,

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