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The Counterfactuals - Indiana Lyrics

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The Counterfactuals – Indiana Lyrics

I knew when we met there was trouble ahead
To someone like you, I’m a target that’s true
You got in my head like it’s yours and not mine
You can take what you need just leave something or someone behind

It’s a shame that you love me it’s shame that you’re loving at all
Yeah, your river’s too twisted, I feel lost, yeah it makes me feel small
Someone so good loving someone oh someone so bad
Well, if that ain’t a sin then I think, oh I think, we’ve been had

Indiana, oh, Indiana.
When I heard that she left, I said, “Indiana”
Drinks on the shelf in the house on the hill
We drank there together, she’s sitting there still
Oh, Indiana, Indiana

I’ve been to the sea., I’ve watched the tides as they play
With the sand and the stones, how it swells and smashes and sways
I’ve looked at myself, I know the look of my lot
But the current’s too strong, with what little strength that I’ve got
Hold the line, and I’ll try to grab it strong
Yeah, we’ll try to move along

Went for a drive just to clear out my mind
Saw an old man out walking, his dog slowly marching behind
As I pulled past the pair I felt nothing but shame
I was pulled straight behind and I ran at my name
Oh, Indiana, Indiana

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