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The Dollyrots - Worstie Lyrics

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The Dollyrots – Worstie Lyrics

Aw sweetheart
Or so that’s what I thought
Until you got caught
Spilling those gossip beans
The coolest

Chick is the cruelest
Turned out to be the rudest
She’d laugh at a kitten’s screams
Oh no you didn’t
What’d you say to me
Oh no you didn’t
No mercy

You were my bestie
Until you messed with me
Oh you so screwed up
Now you’re my Worstie
A girls dream

Even better than ice cream
Till she poisons your bloodstream
With the dagger she’ll twist around
Blab secrets
Then shred you to pieces
Make you feel like a reject
Shove your face into the ground
From first
To worst
No mercy

My bestie
Shouldn’t have messed with me
Totally screwed up
Now you’re my Worstie
No mercy NO

[Lyrics to Worstie by The Dollyrots]

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