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The Doppelgangaz - KnowntchooTahLie Lyrics

The Doppelgangaz – KnowntchooTahLie Lyrics

Bust down my shorty
Shit I paid for it, gotta take mines
She’s damn near forty
But wait for it, she’s a straight dime
Rock a black cloak in the day time
Keep a canine for the lame kind
Never OE or the Saint Ides
I’m for realzies no play time
Mmhhmm heard dat
Cause I ain’t never known you to lie
Why start now? in the Carlyle
So arrogant with the argyle
Got a crew sweater and it’s blue heather
If you knew better, then you’d do better
Eating bruschetta, running through feta
If you want war, bring it, whoever

[Hook] I ain’t never known you to lie x4

Bust down my lady
She got a wider frame and her toes beat
She’s damn near eighty
With the spider veins and the crows feet
She’s an old freak on a cold streak
Til we started speaking at Jones Beach
Stay at phones reach, she got four teeth
And her curtains looking like roast beef
Like agh, my nigga EP, you ain’t never known me to lie
I be in magazines, eating langoustines
Drinking fresh juice from the mangosteen
Swiping all the cream, stipend all the team
In a bow tie piping Paula Dean
On the low creep, going so deep
What you hitting daddy?
That’s what you call a spleen

[Hook] I ain’t never known you to lie x4

[Hook] I ain’t never known you to lie x4

[Lyrics to KnowntchooTahLie by The Doppelgangaz]

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