The Dreadful End - True Crime Writer Lyrics

The Dreadful End – True Crime Writer Lyrics

I caught a flight on a plane.
Is this a dream, or have I gone insane?
A gnawing feeling in my brain.
Collection letters taped over my window pane.

I’ve got to trust myself before I can trust anyone
Why did you leave? Where did you go?
There’s a space for this book on my shelf after the mystery’s come undone,
But there are answers I need to know.

I beg or borrow, accept free meals.
Take my advance, follow leads to turn those wheels.
You can’t remember how pain feels
Until you catch it, until you’re hot on its heels.

I trace the clues of a picture drawn.
Am I important, or am I playing a pawn?
I sleep at night to wake at dawn.
I thought I had it, but now the evidence is gone.

[Lyrics to True Crime Writer by The Dreadful End]

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Artist The Dreadful End Lyrics
Album"True Crime Writer" (2013)

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The Dreadful End - True Crime Writer Lyrics

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