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The Drop - Turning Around Lyrics

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The Drop – Turning Around Lyrics

Turning Around, they see it now,
Want to come down, what have they found,
Ear to the ground, they hear the sound,
Want to come down, they feel it now.

On to a winner, get the gold and silver,
Tip for the top our reputation afi builla,
Climbing up the billa, getting headliner,
Them turning around bound to happen in time,
Cause right now it’s hot, all a what we got,
We been making the effort and it’s coming right back,
We build we house on rock, it can’t get knock,
Wave after wave it never get unstuck.

Going in for the killa, time to leave cover,
Rocking the boat until it turn right over,
Making a splash, it not no mad dash,
Long time now it a be heard in the clash,
Never time filler, make selector winner,
Without fail he buss it out it always deliver,
Flowing like a river, always getting bigger,
Caught in the current and it pull right under,
Hot like a fever, make your spine shiver,
Loosing control until the final hour,
Not too sweet or sour, just the right power,
Never too much them say ‘always a pleasure’,
Caught in a daze, yes them blaze,
The way we come it make them change their ways,
This one out a faze, always getting plays,
Just watch as the profile raise.

While some them chilla, we been working harder,
There’s always a long way to go,
No standing stilla, or dead in the water,
One day we shall reap what we sow,
But for now we coming through, right on cue,
Bringing together all old and new,
It’s not just a few, it’s all of them too,
Them turning around when them hear what we do.

[Lyrics to Turning Around by The Drop]
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