The Foxery - The Sorrow Lyrics

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The Foxery – The Sorrow Lyrics

I stayed at the edge of the great Ohio and saw Kentucky to the south
I saw the skyline of our city shrouded by your hair floating in the wind
The setting sun painted my face gold as if I were trying to disguise my worthlessness
You told me I wasn’t dead,
I wasn’t sorrow,
I wasn’t one of life’s unavoidable evils that you can’t walk away from,
But then you walked away.
The look in your eyes made Sodom seem like a nice place to be
The look in your eyes made Gomorrah seem like paradise
I watched the ground turn from green to yellow to shadow
And then the river rose and it kept rising,
It kept rising.
I started looking for higher ground as my city was flooded with card trying to flee.
I found an abandoned room at the top of an office building.
There was nothing in it except for one table, one jar and one chair.
I sat down and examined the contents of the jar.
As I looked inside I realized it was my sins.
I tried to pull them all out and count them,
But the jar was never empty and the river just kept rising
And the river just kept rising,
And now my sins were flooding the room.
I tried to put them back, but they were pouring out, now and water was filling the room
I realized there was no windows
Like some kind of angel of regret you appeared before me and held out your hand
But the look in your eyes was still there
I took one last breath.
And said “I think I’d rather drown”.

She said “This is promising” (They say – A mistake made)
As I warned, “This just might sink” (Is a lesson learned)
She reminds me that nothing lasts forever (But all we’ve learned is that promises break)
(If we go down let’s, at least, make the headlines
But some mistakes are just far too grave to forgive)
As a crowd gathers on the shore
To pay they’re last respects a preacher speaks
That ship, it had potential
But there’s still a hole in its hull, at the bottom of the ocean.

I thought I could save this
But that ship kept going down
You gave me your hand
I said “No, thanks!”
“I think I’d rather drown!”
As the water went over my head
And I started losing my breath,
Water filled my lungs
And I accepted my death.

[Lyrics to The Sorrow by The Foxery]

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Album"Unless" (2014)

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The Foxery - The Sorrow Lyrics

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