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The Glass Cavalry - Black Disaster Lyrics

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The Glass Cavalry – Black Disaster Lyrics

I like playin’ on the tracks
Where the trains don’t run no more
And the sun goes faster.
The seasons come quick
But they don’t stay still and it feels like,
Pulls like black disaster.
I like the air when it has its own memory hides
When you breathe and considers you a threat.
Times like this you’d be better off
Dreaming or sitting by yourself playing russian roulette.

Crawl in my fields where we throw me away
Oh don’t you say you’ve seen me here and you recall.
Fly me my friend on this wind fade away
I’m telling you peace won’t come, and the rest will fade away.

I know this dream fresh in my theme.
Break me apart just for a start.

Rip me from the vine.
R.I.P. and it’s just in time, I doubt that.
Play me for the fool.
Second guess like games, like let’s go faster.
Kiss and tell the world what kind of girl knows how to heal while bleeding.
Out there in the dark it’s seeming a heart’s not ugly if it’s hard to get.

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