The Howl - Sputter Lyrics

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The Howl – Sputter Lyrics

Was there another life for me?
Another trail to blaze in a parallel time
Leading to riches, social status, stable income– Maybe.
Maybe I could have found a way to make my father proud.
In another life I could have chosen,
But not this time.

“And the days are not full enough”
To lift me up before they come
Each day arriving as it leaves
I mean to clean but never leave

And I know that there’s a time and place for conversations like this.
As I grip the steering wheel I feel my mind slip–
Into another place. Into another time.
Familiar faces, mouthing phrases…
Waving goodbye.

“And the nights are not full enough”
I drag the pen to call your bluff.
I’d ask the moon to drink the stars
And hang itself above my yard

I don’t think I could take another day of this.
Do I look as sick as I feel?
I know I can’t fix the irreparable.
I know that I won’t be held responsible for the gaps you’ve refused to fill
I don’t think that I could take another day of it.
My hearts so heavy now.

[Lyrics to Sputter by The Howl]

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The Howl - Sputter Lyrics

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