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The JB Conspiracy - Say Goodbye Lyrics

The JB Conspiracy – Say Goodbye Lyrics

So what’s the use?
No matter how hard I try.
There’s no cutting loose from this hopeless situation
When all our hands are tied.

As I gaze across the room
I know before too long
I’ll soon be heading for the door.
(So let me out).

As these walls become our tomb
I know there’ll come a time
When I can’t trust you anymore.
So we wait for this moment to arrive.

Take me out of here ‘cause I can’t breathe.
Asphyxiated by these memories gone by.
Make your observations as you leave.
Try to escape it but these sedatives inside won’t save me now.

Give me time to think.
I’ve got so lost along the way.
That I’m beginning to sink.
Now I’m heading deeper and this summit’s growing steeper as we wait.

Look around; there’s nothing left here anymore for you and I.
(Just look around).
And tell me what we’re supposed to feel as we
say goodbye.

[Lyrics to Say Goodbye by The JB Conspiracy]
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