The Mad Rapper - Control Freestyle Lyrics

The Mad Rapper – Control Freestyle Lyrics

Why is everybody mad at this kid Kendrick Lamar?
Did he cut too deep, did he leave a scar?
Or is you mad cause he’s raising the bar?
This is hip-hop, you rappers — you know who you are
Too much (ass ass ass ass) and partying
So Big Sean left it off his album cause he bodied him
Murder Inc., Irv Gotti’d him
And Jay Elec — what the heck? Sound like you’re on the Molly then
Loosen up that fez and come back to Earth
Cause your verse was the worst
So what he called himself “King of NY”?
T.I. called himself king, y’all don’t say nothing — wonder why
To keep it real, I love Fred the Godson
But he got no deal, so we disregard son
And Joell Ortiz? Please; yeah, he put one out
But he been signed three years — what he talking ’bout?
Guess he really in the slaughterhouse
He might as well keep freestyling, cause they never coming out
And poor Cassidy, such a tragedy
I heard his and I started to snore
Five minutes later — wait, there’s more?

Oh my God, this kid is a bore, put him on “ignore”
Just for a sec, thought that B.o.B. might rip it
Then all of a sudden, he bugs and starts playing guitar
I’m like, is this joint about Kendrick Lamar
Or is he writing love songs for Toni and Tamar?
And when I see Ransom, I gotta ask him
How long did it take before they all stopped laughing?
You cats is a joke
Taking it all personal with some lines that he wrote
Difference is, y’alls ain’t hot and his was tabasco
Wait…Lupe Fiasco?
I think he coulda came better, but he already surprised
Cause them damn braids is covering his ears and eyes
It’s getting out of hand, cats is Tweeting
Joe Budden and Styles P, why the hell y’all beefing?
For what? For what? If it ain’t making you money, then for what?
For what? For what? Let’s give it up for hip-hop, live it up
Word up

[Lyrics to Control Freestyle by The Mad Rapper]

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The Mad Rapper - Control Freestyle Lyrics

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