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The Milestones - In Letters Lyrics

The Milestones – In Letters Lyrics

Blonde american baby
Every day was like a day dream, I know
We watched the sun set
It rose in a rush to undress
I saw you tear your eye
When you said goodbye
Was that all a dream
I suffer from lack of sleep

She always writes her love in letters
Then she throws em out to the sea
She don’t really want to be together
She’s fine in her own lonely company

She watched her heart break
Packed it all in a suitcase
Fled off into your arms
Didn’t want raise alarm, but
She’ll never compromise
She got those bright eyes
“What worry have you got now
Is it something worth talking about?”

She pretends like she don’t remember
I was hers I thought that she’d be mine
She spilled her heart out on my sweater
It read in shades. spelled out in rhyme

She found my love strung out in letters
Then she burned em right in front of me
She only wants me to forget her
Thats fine, whatever, it’s just a memory

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