The Secret Sea - Elegy Lyrics

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The Secret Sea – Elegy Lyrics

We took a walk by the fire
When the sun came down to land
Witnessed the trees and the briers
Hold each other’s hands
And seeing the animals run
Forsaking their homes
They seemed so alone together

These are the souls in your path
As unfaithful as the sea
And these are the ones you will trust
For eternity
And all you betrayers of faith
Who live in denial
You’ll see only birds forever

And I keep a note from the past
Where my words are not as clear
And if I could finish with that
And disappear
If I could get everything under control
Wouldn’t there be a river for them all?

Even if I’m lost in this constellation
Even if I’m alone on this flight
Even if I’m late for the celebration
I’m hearing the mute
He whistles tonight
Set this sore emotion to the light

Maybe the serpents of wrath
Made it safe behind the door
And maybe I don’t need to ask
For an elegy
Even the fires of hell
Eventually die
I think I heard a bluebird
In the sky

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